Some Charmallows Updates.

September 18, 2013 0 Comments

Hello, all!

Well, there are a number of things on the go with Charmallows at the moment.

First of all, we found an article on us at VegNews that we somehow didn't catch earlier: "Vegan Marshmallows in the Works in Ottawa".

Please check out or Facebook page (Charmallows) for further and on-going details. We update that more often than the website here presently.

Flavour possibilities are listed there, as well as what flavours of Charmallows we have made up for on-line orders.

Basically, we can ship a box of Charmallows that weighs 2 kg, box included, to most locations in Canada for about $15 with a 1-2 day delivery time.

Snack bags of Charmallows, Plain or Flavoured, retail for $5 for each bag of ~8 Charmallows (~80 g). And you can buy twelve snack bags for the cost of only ten!

We are trying to find lighter boxes for our mail orders, so that we can send more Charmallows and less cardboard. 

Canada Post has a magic 2 kg cut off point after which their prices shoot up. We can ship larger amounts of course, but that 2 kg point is the sweet spot (pun not really intended) for mail ordering Charmallows. More details to follow.

We are working on formulations for people with more than just vegan considerations. At the moment, for example, we have a "CORN-FREE" version that's to be doing well. And we're working on a possible "SOY-FREE" version as well. There's a bit of a scramble to find a replacement that works consistently for the soy protein. Protein is needed so the Charmallows fluff up, and finding a vegan option with a neutral taste that works has been... challenging. We're still on it, however.

This summer we experimented with flavouring Charmallows using real fruit, fruit we dehydrated and powdered ourselves. Blueberries and strawberries worked well, and bananas not so well, at least not with the equipment we have at hand. Can't seem to get banana's dry enough without sort of toasting them as well, which changes the flavour a bit.

There are some blueberry and strawberry Charmallows left, for those wanting to mail order or arrange bulk local to Ottawa-Gatineau delivery. After these are gone, we'll probably go with a natural, organic, and vegan concentrated flavour powder, if enough people are interested in these.

We've also come up with Japanese Matcha Green Tea Charmallows, using matcha powder from Ottawa's own "World of Tea". It's a favourite here. The bitterness of the matcha works well with the sweetness of the Charmallows. 

So, there we are. Some updates for you all. Please join us on Facebook for more day-to-day changes and posts.

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