Ordering Charmallows On-line

by Charmallows on June 27, 2013 0 Comments

Thanks, everyone, for your inquiries for individual ordering and shipping from this site!

We do not as yet have a formal system set up, and that's primarily because we've been focused on developing reasonable shipping and handling costs! 

So, if you want to be part of our beta-sales tests, email sales@charmallows.com.

Retail snack packages of Charmallows, flavoured or non-flavoured, are $5.00 for 8 Charmallows.

A 250 g bag, containing approximately 30 Charmallows, would be $20.00.

All payments, for now, via PayPal.

In the short term, the actual shipping and handling will be calculated per order.

I hope this helps everyone who wants Charmallows NOW, and who don't live in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Haribo Chamallows ≠ Charmallows

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The European candy company Haribo makes a marshmallow product called "Chamallows".

I came across it while Googling and actually found the product in some stores locally.

Oddly enough, some people have misspelled "Chamallows" as "Charmallows" in a number of blogs and fan web sites.

So, to avoid confusion, I will clarify that in no uncertain terms, Haribo Chamallows are NOT Charmallows. And Charmallows are NOT Haribo Chamallows.


Chamallows are not Charmallows

Ottawa Citizen Charmallows Article (19-Jun-13)

by Charmallows on June 19, 2013 65 Comments

Here's a link to their recent article on Charmallows

Ottawa man makes life sweeter with vegan marshmallows.

Photo taken at Aunti Loo's Treats on Bronson.

News Release: Charmallows a vegan treat for all to enjoy

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June 18, 2013



Charmallows a vegan treat for all to enjoy

Ottawa, ON –A local entrepreneur has turned an all-time favourite treat to vegan with the creation of Charmallows. As Canada’s only company offering vegan marshmallows, and one of only three in North America, Charmallows will make their first public debut at VegFest Ottawa 2013 to be hosted at St. Paul’s University, 223 Main Street, on June 22-23.

Made in small, artisanal batches, creator James Bain keeps a close eye on product quality and customer satisfaction. “I keep refining the recipe and have now achieved greater shelf life and better fluff. Added to that is greater consumer awareness – and demand has really taken off,” says Bain.

Charmallows, which are also Gluten free, have a simple ingredient listing of cane sugar, corn syrup, water, soy protein isolate, corn starch and carrageenan for the classic ...

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See You At VegFest Ottawa 2013

by Charmallows on June 15, 2013 40 Comments

Charmallows will be at Vegfest Ottawa 2013 (www.vegfest.ca) this June 22nd and 23rd.

Hosted at St. Paul's University on 223 Main Street, it promises to be a fun and exciting time for all!

We'll be there with a variety of our vegan Charmallows in flavours, such as Mango, Blackberry, Blueberry, Lychee, Mexican Chocolate, Chocolate-Hazelnut ("new-tella"), and a few other yummy surprises.

As well, we'll have plain Charmallows for all you traditionalists out there too.

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