Some Charmallows Updates.

by Charmallows on September 18, 2013 0 Comments

Hello, all!

Well, there are a number of things on the go with Charmallows at the moment.

First of all, we found an article on us at VegNews that we somehow didn't catch earlier: "Vegan Marshmallows in the Works in Ottawa".

Please check out or Facebook page (Charmallows) for further and on-going details. We update that more often than the website here presently.

Flavour possibilities are listed there, as well as what flavours of Charmallows we have made up for on-line orders.

Basically, we can ship a box of Charmallows that weighs 2 kg, box included, to most locations in Canada for about $15 with a 1-2 day delivery time.

Snack bags of Charmallows, Plain or Flavoured, retail for $5 for each bag of ~8 Charmallows (~80 g). And you can buy twelve snack bags for the cost of only ten!

We are trying to find lighter boxes for ...

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